Sunday, September 9, 2012

Showtime nears as Apple spruces up venue for iPhone 5

фыва Showtime nears as Apple spruces up venue for iPhone 5
With just a few days to go until its news event, Apple has begun decorating the outside of the San Francisco venue where things will be happening.
Interns not forced to make iPhone accessories, Foxconn says
The manufacturer says an audit of its practices refutes claims in Chinese publications that students had to work on making iPhone parts like USB cables.
Apple's next iPhone to sport 4G LTE tech, report says
Apple's next iPhone, which is expected to debut Wednesday, will have 4G LTE technology, according to a report.
Apple iPhone 5 event adds to Intel woes
Intel will have a PR problem on its hands next week as Apple's crosstown happening threatens to eclipse the chipmaker's affair.
How iPhone 5 sales will help City Hall
Crave's Eric Mack snooped for historic single-store sales figures on the day of iPhone launches and crunched the numbers to figure out how much of a bump the money gives to local government tax coffers. Originally posted at Crave
Apple's new iPhone plug shows up in photos, again
What is largely expected to be Apple's next sync and charging cable for the iPhone 5 and future iOS devices crops up in images again.
At Apple HQ, eye for design extends to men's room
An Apple software engineer tweets a picture of a urinal with an out-of-order sign affixed. The sign includes an apology for the choice of font. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Blueprints give peek inside Apple's new HQ
Building's motifs seem to include spaciousness, light, and the noncolor white.
The Apple effect on your next 'PC'
Because of the rise of the iPad, don't be surprised if your next PC is (also) a tablet.
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