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9/4/2012 8:44:19 AM

Yosemite National Park, California is seen during a drought in 2003The deadly virus raising fears at California's Yosemite National Park does not spread easily, and, despite two recent deaths, does not warrant closing the park, a spokeswoman said Monday.

9/4/2012 8:54:49 AM

Lebanese men smoke at an outdoor cafe in BeirutA smoking ban in all closed public spaces, including coffee shops, restaurants and bars, went into force in Lebanon on Monday under new legislation that promises hefty fines for lawbreakers.

9/4/2012 12:13:42 AM

The signs (clockwise from bottom centre) read: premature aging, prematurity, emphysema, addiction, impotence, dangerRussia on Monday unveiled a series of graphic images, including of a gangrenous foot and a still-born baby, that will be printed on cigarette packs as the country tries to trim its sky-high rates of smoking.

9/16/2012 9:32:14 PM
The Namibia Press Agency reports that some 40 babies and fetuses are dumped and flushed down toilets every month in Windhoek, Namibia's capital of just 350,000 people.
9/16/2012 4:49:00 AM
A deadly germ untreatable by most antibiotics has killed a seventh person at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Maryland.
9/14/2012 10:46:41 PM

Side salads await the students of Eastside Elementary School in Clinton, Miss., Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. Much consideration goes into the planning of these school children's lunches. The leaner, greener school lunches served under new federal standards are getting mixed grades from students. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)One student complains because his cafeteria no longer serves chicken nuggets. Another gripes that her school lunch just isn't filling. A third student says he's happy to eat an extra apple with his lunch, even as he's noshing on his own sub.

9/17/2012 12:21:42 PM
American children eat as much salt as adults — about 1,000 milligrams too much, or the same amount as in just one Big Mac. Extra salt is linked with higher blood pressure, even in kids, but government research says those who are overweight and obese may be most vulnerable to its effects.
9/17/2012 9:53:29 AM
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain launched a public consultation on Monday to ask whether controversial "three-parent" fertility treatments should be available to families hoping to avoid passing on incurable diseases. The potential treatments, currently only at research stage in laboratories in Britain and the United States, would involve implanting genetically modified embryos into women for the first time. The techniques have become known as three-parent in vitro fertilisation (IVF) because the offspring would have genes from a mother, a father and from a female donor. ...
9/17/2012 6:13:00 AM

File picture of a man using a stick to hold up a drip for his granddaughter at a hospital in HefeiGUANGZHOU/BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing is struggling to deal with an increasingly violent flashpoint of social unrest in its healthcare system, as its latest bid to cut costs is failing to ease tensions among millions of people who cannot afford basic treatment. Violent attacks directed at hospital doctors and other healthcare workers in the form of beatings, threats, kidnappings, verbal abuse and even killings soared in recent years to 17,243 cases in 2010, alarming central policymakers who regard China's overhaul of its lumbering public healthcare system a top national priority. ...

9/17/2012 2:43:22 AM
MONTGOMERY, Alabama (Reuters) - Alabama voters will decide on Tuesday whether to transfer more than $437 million from a state trust fund to shore up the state general fund, primarily to support prisons and Medicaid payments. Alabama is required by law to have a balanced budget. Under its 1901 Constitution, voters must approve amendments in order to raise taxes or make other financial decisions such as the proposed transfer from the $2.3 billion trust fund. ...
9/17/2012 1:37:35 AM

U.S. President Obama delivers statement about the Supreme Court's decision on his Administration's health care law at the White House in WashingtonWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Mississippi insurance commissioner Mike Chaney is in a tight spot. By law, he is required to implement Democratic President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul. But as a Republican from deeply conservative Mississippi -- one of 26 states that sued Washington over Obama's Affordable Care Act -- Chaney is a target of critics who say he is betraying his party. ...

9/17/2012 1:35:40 AM
When you think of physically destructive addictions, gambling probably doesn't even make your top five. With the world's abundance of bath salts, pharmaceutical pills and white powders, gambling can seem almost harmless in comparison. But according to a recent article on Alternet, gambling is one of the most physically dangerous addictions that exists. How can that be?
9/16/2012 4:49:00 AM
A deadly germ untreatable by most antibiotics has killed a seventh person at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Maryland.
9/16/2012 12:10:38 AM
In Georgia, the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life anti-obesity campaign shows a picture of an overweight child, which bears the tagline, "Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid." Another ad from the same campaign states, "Chubby kids may not outlive their parents." Though these messages may be eye-catching, they are the least effective for promoting healthy behaviors in those who see them―according to a new study by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale.
9/15/2012 11:34:08 PM

Warren Buffett tours the trade show floor during the Berkshire Hathaway Annual shareholders meeting in Omaha(Reuters) - Berkshire Hathaway Inc Chief Executive Warren Buffett has said he has completed final radiation treatment for prostate cancer, the Omaha World-Herald newspaper reported on Saturday. Buffett, the world's third-richest person, told executives from newspapers he has acquired in recent months on Friday: "It's a great day for me. Today I had my 44th and last day of radiation." Buffett, 82, disclosed in April he was diagnosed with Stage 1 prostate cancer. At the time, he said his case "is not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way. ...

9/15/2012 7:00:41 PM
By Susan Kreimer Before ordering that much-desired mojito or martini, female patrons of a Minnesota pub can check to see if they're pregnant. Pub 500 in Mankato, a city south of Minneapolis-St. Paul, has a new test dispenser in the women's restroom. The machine charges $3...
9/15/2012 6:39:41 PM

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange following the Supreme Court's decision on health careNEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks rose for a fourth straight session on Friday to close out the week at nearly five-year highs after the Federal Reserve took bold action to spur the economy, a move that could keep equities buoyed in the coming months. Shares of Apple Inc, the largest U.S. company by market value, ended at an all-time peak, and Exxon Mobil, the second biggest, hit a four-year high. Equities are in a run-up that has pushed the S&P 500 to end higher for four consecutive months. ...

9/15/2012 10:52:57 AM
RICHMOND, Virginia (Reuters) - The Virginia state health board voted on Friday to require existing abortion clinics to meet stricter hospital building codes, a move clinic supporters say could force facilities to make expensive changes or close. The board in June had exempted existing abortion clinics from meeting the building code rules for new hospitals that can require modifications such as wider hallways and additional parking. It voted 13 to 2 on Friday to reverse that decision. ...
9/15/2012 9:46:51 AM
(Reuters) - The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said it shut down shipments of controlled substances from Walgreen Co's Florida distribution facility on the suspicion that highly addictive painkillers were being diverted to the black market. The distribution center in Jupiter, Florida, "failed to conduct due diligence to ensure that the controlled substances were not diverted into other than legitimate channels," the DEA said in a email statement. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration had inspected the facility along with six of the company's pharmacies in April. ...
9/15/2012 8:27:24 AM

An aerial view of the Pentagon Building in Washington.WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House presented a detailed breakdown Friday of $109 billion in across-the-board spending cuts scheduled for January, setting off a fresh blame game between the Obama administration and Republicans over responsibility for what both say is a preventable budgetary calamity. The itemization of the so-called "sequestration" plan showed potential pain all around: $11 billion out of the Medicare healthcare program for the elderly, a $15.3 billion cut in defense procurement accounts and hefty cuts to a Department of Agriculture program that supports farm prices. ...

9/15/2012 8:17:07 AM
This hasn't been the best year for tobacco companies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced more graphic anti-smoking ads, Australia kicked tobacco company logos off cigarette packs, and now a Norway court has upheld a ban on tobacco store displays.
9/15/2012 7:32:35 AM
Tao Porchon-Lynch, a former model, actress and dancer, has been teaching for 56 years.
9/15/2012 7:16:23 AM
The mystery of King Tut's death might finally be solved, according to one scientist who argues that the secret to the young Pharaohs demise is hidden in plain sight. Dr. Hutan Ashrafian, a lecturer and surgeon at the Imperial College London, says the key to...
9/15/2012 6:36:47 AM
The study: Having a job that's high in stress but low in power could be bad for your heart. A study released this week in the Lancet found that people who experience job strain have a 23 percent increased risk of having a heart attack compared to their peers who have it easier at work.
9/15/2012 6:16:37 AM

A shop owner removes bottles of hard liquor from a shelf in PraguePRAGUE (Reuters) - The Czech Republic indefinitely banned all sales of liquor with more than 20 percent alcohol on Friday after 19 people died from drinking bootleg vodka and rum containing poisonous methanol. Authorities have tried for a week to find the source of the central European country's worst outbreak of alcohol-related deaths in decades. The Health Ministry had already banned the sale of spirits by street vendors and market stalls on Wednesday to combat the outbreak after the first deaths happened last weekend in the Moravian-Silesian region, 350 km (220 miles) east of Prague. ...

9/15/2012 6:07:36 AM

Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan speaks at the Values Voter Summit in WashingtonWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, taking a harder line than running mate Mitt Romney on President Barack Obama's healthcare law, vowed on Friday that their administration would repeal it as soon as they take office. Ryan, who is Roman Catholic, also had harsh words for the Democratic administration's requirement that religious organizations provide health insurance plans that cover the cost of employees' contraceptive care. ...

9/15/2012 5:08:48 AM

To match Special Report USA-ASBESTOS/LAWSUITSOTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada dropped its longtime opposition on Friday to the international listing of asbestos as a hazardous material, a designation intended to curb the use abroad of the fire-resistant substance, which can cause cancer and other illnesses. Canada had been the main opponent of such a listing, which would require exporters to warn importing countries of the hazards of asbestos, and would allow countries to ban its import. The listing would not of itself ban its sale. ...

9/15/2012 5:02:31 AM
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Though past research suggests newer versions of artificial turf are just as safe as grass for athletes, a new study finds that National Football League players suffered more knee and ankle injuries when they played on FieldTurf over the past decade. FieldTurf, made of polyethylene fibers over a mix of sand and rubber particles, is used by 21 of the 32 NFL teams for either their practice or playing fields, according to the company's website, as well as for some high school and college fields. ...

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