Thursday, September 13, 2012

Samsung might launch Galaxy S III with Dual Sim in 2013 Q1

Samsung might launch Galaxy S III with Dual Sim in 2013 Q1

At present, one of the three dual SIM phones, the Galaxy Y Duos, is being rolled out of the company's mobile phone manufacturing unit. Eventually all three models will be manufactured by Samsung with more models being released soon.
At present, the Noida unit in India can churn out some 2.5 million phones a month. Samsung has invested in excess of $70 million towards trebling cellphone manufacturing capacity.
It is the Korean handset maker's sixth overseas manufacturing unit which churns out a mix of multimedia, dual sim and touchscreen phones. Samsung has installed highly advanced and hi-speed SMD machines at the mobile unit.

With the latest launch, Samsung has as many as 16 smartphone models in circulation in the domestic market and more new models will be released to server the South East Asian Market.
Samsung Galaxy S3 with Dual Sim Card capability is being planned in the company in order to compare the added functions with company rolling out the best phone models all over the world. The new Dual Sim Card model shall be good for business / consumers to hold two sim cards useful for data and voice and also while travelling they do not have to use multiple phones.

Samsung might be also planning to roll out the new Samsung Galaxy S III with Dual Sim Card along with the new Samsung Note 2 planned in launch in the Q3 of 2012 superseding the launch of iPhone 5. Prices might be ranging from anywhere between USD400-USD900 depending on the size and capacity of 16GB / 32Gb / 64GB models.
Future Samsung Galaxy phones might be using higher memory standards like the SSD to give more storage space for the consumers to download / save their work or even entertainment files like movies / music.

Samsung Galaxy III team might be looking into addressing consumer demand of CCTV / IP Cameras which are popular in market and have self built in server to support the viewing and recording of CCTV Camera on phone while you are on the GO !!

So whats more to ask ! More and more features are coming up with Samsung phones and we look forward for it .