Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5 Release News Update for Singapore / Worldwide from Apple Updates

The iPhone 5 will be released tomorrow which is 12 Sep 2012 in USA but other parts of world might be the deadly "13" number of the day to be launched. That’s right, after months of waiting we will finally be able to see the most hyped product release in history of the Apple.  Apple will announce the newest iPhone at a major event at the specified event place on Wednesday, September 12th. The iPhone 5 is expected to sell record numbers and trump all other product release this holiday season.
Apple bosses will only unveil the iPhone at this event, it will not be available right away for the public for sale & consumers in Singapore / Asia will be waiting to know the release sale date. The iPhone will be available for preorder on September 12th through the online Apple store in many parts of the world maybe. According to multiple reports online on various sites the in-store iPhone 5 release date is not until September 21st.
In addition to the iPhone 5 being released this week, there are plenty of other rumors surrounding Apple’s major event – new iPods, a mini iPad, but for now, here is everything that we know about the upcoming iPhone 5 which will most likely be dubbed “the new iPhone.” Although look at the shadow of the invite, looks like a ’5′ doesn’t it? ... and everyone is gonna wait till iPhone turns into a piece of paper and be named as iPhone 10 (Slimmest ever phone with wireless Sim Card - You seriously dont need to plug in sim card anymore)
iPhone 5 Release Date expected to be for sale from 21 Sep 2012
We can now confirm from various online websites iPhone 5 release date is on September 12th at a major Apple event and expected to hit stores on September 21st 2012. The iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order on Sept. 12.  iOS 6 is also expected to be released at this September iPhone 5 launch event in the USA . We have also heard a rumor of a new mini iPad being released this fall along side the iPhone 5 release date.

iPhone 5 Potential Specifications and Upgrades / Accessories Cables
The biggest update to the iPhone 5 is a new iPhone connector and larger iPhone screen and maybe better camera with face recognition. This is huge news because now Apple’s chargers will no longer be consistent across devices and a larger iPhone screen has been on everyone’s wish list since day one.
The latest rumors are that of a centered front facing camera and the possibility of Near Field Communication NFC controllers directly connected to the Power Management Unit of the new iPhone. This NFC rumors comes from a report on 9to5mac. NFC has been a buzzword surrounding the mobile industry for a while. Let’s see if Apple can introduce it successfully to the world.
The next enormous specification change is having built in the 4G LTE compatibility for the iPhone5. Most Android phones are already using the 4G network, so this move makes complete sense. Next, a quad core processor and upgraded chipset, here’s a new report on the possibility of a quad core processor. Next, is the potential of a special 3D camera for the iPhone – take this one with a very large grain of salt though. Last but not least is the introduction of a “LiquidMetal” casing which would allow for a stronger and unique casing. Check out the report below. In addition to a few new specs, you can expect to see an updated operating system aka iOS 6. Here are some rumors surrounding the iOS 6 release date.
China factories have already started selling and producing accessories in wholesale and retail for the new iPhone 5 which is the most wanted phone in the world right now. Places like Guangzhou / Shenzhen are going to be visited by many buyers from all over the world and there is going to be great sales during the Canton Fair also in Guangzhou. Hong Kong is also going to showcase for the sale of gadgets / accessories for new iPhone / iPods / iPADS.
What's new?
Some of the 'leaked' pictures suggest it has a pay-and-go chip built in, allowing people to swipe at the checkout for goods under £25. The screen is expected to be larger too, countering the Samsung Galaxy S3's 4.2in screen. There may also be a new charger - which could have a knock-on effect for existing accessories.
There is also talk of finger print technology and a music streaming service.
While early reports pegged a new iPhone release date for October, landing closely to last year's schedule, it seems we'll be seeing the phone in September this year as Apple looks to take on Samsung's new phone sooner rather than later, with multiple sources claiming we will see Apple take to the stage on September 12, although claims we'll see it launch alongside the iPad Mini seem a bit outlandish.

iPhone 5 name

Update: Now Apple has sent out the invite to its event on September 12, it looks every more likely the sixth generation of iPhone will be confusingly called the iPhone 5.
We reckon iPhone 5 series is still the possible name of the new iPhone, but it could follow the new iPad and end up being called, simply, the new iPhone. We really hope not. One thing is for sure, Apple has already filed a complaint over the ownership of the URL.
Apple is apparently testing two versions of the next iPhone, which are known as the Series of the new iPhone 5 as "iPhone5,1" and "iPhone5,2" - so could handset number six for Apple actually be called number 5?