Sunday, September 9, 2012

4WD Permoveh wheelchair turns on a dime

фыва 4WD Permoveh wheelchair turns on a dime
This wheelchair from Kyoto University has rollers within its wheels, allowing it to move sideways and diagonally. Originally posted at Crave
Pocket Brain app offers searchable 3D atlas of the brain
Users can navigate eight layers of brain anatomy, view cross sections and nerve pathways, insert notes, and peruse clinical findings.
Hospital alarm system will sound when people light up
An alarm-and-loudspeaker system at a Scottish hospital is designed to shame seditious smokers and stem the smattering of cigarette butts.
Paging Dr. iPhone: ThermoDock takes your temperature
Is it hot in here, or is it just me? You can find the answer to that question with the iPhone ThermoDock. Originally posted at Crave
Living 'gut-on-a-chip' to help study intestinal disorders
The silicon polymer device, lined by living, human cells, mimics the 3D structures, behaviors, and environment of the human intestine.
Microfluidic chip to quickly diagnose the flu
Researchers miniaturize a more expensive diagnostic test into a single-use microfluidic chip roughly the size of a miscroscope slide.
Routine mammography's potential harm: Overdiagnosis
Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health estimate that for every 2,500 women invited to screening, only one life will be saved.
Early-warning software could reduce false alarms of seizures
Closed-loop implantable devices can control seizures via small amounts of current, and new software could further fine-tune early detection, research shows.
Hair clip inspires device that clamps down traumatic bleeding
The ITClamp could reduce traumatic bleeding deaths in combat zones and following civilian accidents by helping minimize blood loss before surgery.
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